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June 2, 2011

With work this week, I have been lucky enough to attend the LGMA Women in Local Government Conference – day 1 being today.

Sessions today included

  • using social media
  • how to network
  • successful partnerships
  • building talent – retention strategies.

Whilst all our speakers were brilliant, the stand out for me today was Shelley Taylor-Smith.

From not being a ‘natural’ swimmer to becoming a 7 time world champion; from being labelled as disabled due to having scoliosis, and pleading with her parents to not have the relevant surgery to assist with correcting it; as well as overcoming a paralysis to walk and swim again, Shelley has won the fight and inspired me.

My friends know that I too have scoliosis, and suffer from much back pain – whilst Shelley had options available to her, treatment for mine was uncertain due to the amount of curvature….. mine sat in the 5 degrees that was undecided – 2.5 degrees less and I would’ve worn the brace.  On the other hand, 2.5 degrees more and I would’ve had the surgery. I very much identified with what Shelley had to say in this regard.

One of the phrases Shelley mentioned often was, “get up, get over it, get on with it”.  I rarely let my back pain get in the way I what I do.  I do feel that the with the exercise I’ve done over the last few years that my back is strengthening, and should continue to do so.

I will be remembering Shelley’s words and stories during my half marathon training.  I will succeed and I will run that 21kms in 9.5 weeks.

And now I have another book on the must read pile, Dangerous When Wet, by Shelley Taylor-Smith


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  1. Karina permalink
    June 2, 2011 2:22 pm

    Hey we know you can do it! Seems like what you got out of the conference today is not what you went in expecting to get.

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